If you are planning on serving in a language development role such as translation, linguistics, literacy or language documentation then one of EQUIP’s longer courses may meet your needs. EQUIP offers both Diploma and Graduate Diploma level studies. Both these courses meet the requirements of SIL International for people serving in translation and literacy related roles.

If you need to learn another language or plan to work cross-culturally, but not to work in a specialised language development role, our six-week Summer School will provide you with the skills and confidence you need.

EQUIP’s courses are delivered full-time or part-time face-to-face, or full-time with a field project component. Several subjects are available by distance.

A range of assessment methods is used. Assessment types include but are not limited to: essays, reflective journals, oral presentations, portfolios, group work, tests, assessed homework exercises, research projects, transcription, elicitation and class participation.