Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfer

If you have already completed studies in the same subjects or subject areas, or if you have life experience or work experience and have gained relevant knowledge and skills related to our courses of study, you may qualify for credit for or exemption from some subjects or parts of subjects.

If you think Credit Transfer or RPL might apply to your situation please contact our Course Credit Facilitator noting the subjects for which you are seeking Credit Transfer or RPL and the reasons for your request. You will be guided through the Credit Transfer or RPL application process. The Course Credit Facilitator will need to see documentary evidence such as academic transcripts and certificates of attainment, course syllabi or course outlines, a CV, job descriptions, references from your employer, material you have prepared or assessments of your contribution at work, etc. Please contact EQUIP well before your proposed course start date to discuss the possibility of RPL, though applications may not be finalised until a few days before each course starts.

Full or partial credit is available for any subject up to a maxmium of 50% of the total credit points for the course. If you are granted Credit Transfer or full RPL, this may change the duration of your course. SR (Satisfied Requirements) will appear on your transcript for any subject for which you are granted Course Credit.

View the Course Credit Policy.